Past Performances

Dances from our most recent season  at Toronto’s Winchester Street Theatre from September 26-29, 2013:


Choreography: Patricia Beatty (1980)
Music: Michael J. Baker
Dancers:  Robyn Breen, Louis Laberge-Côté, Christianne Ullmark, Austin Fagan, Danielle Baskerville/Emma Kerson


Choreography:    David Earle (1996)
Music:  Gavin Byers
Dancers:   Danielle Baskerville & Michael English

Two Soliloquies

Soliloquy I

Choreography:    David Earle (2013)
Music: Anouar Brahem
Dancer: Anh Nguyen

Soliloquy II

Choreography:  David Earle (2011)
Music:  Johannes Ciconia
Dancer:  Bill Coleman


Choreography:    Judy Jarvis and Danny Grossman (1977)
Music:  Giacomo Puccini
Dancers:  Jessica May Hall, Michael Caldwell/ Mateo Galindo Torres


Choreography  David Earle (1968)
Music:   J.S. Bach
Dancers:   Danielle Baskerville & Michael English, Kate Alton & Bill Coleman

Terra Incognita

Choreography:    Nenagh Leigh (2002)
Music:   Gilles Goyette
Dancers:   Louis Laberge-Côté/Eddie Kastrau

Sculpting Time

Choreography  David Earle (2007)
Music:   Arun Pal
Dancers:  Kate Alton, Danielle Baskerville, Michael Caldwell, Bill Coleman, Michael English, Austin Fagan, Emma Kerson, Louis Laberge-Côté, Anh Nguyen

Our previous season, in 2011, also at the Winchester Street Theatre featured the following works:

Baroque Suite “Duet”

Choreography: David Earle (1970)
Music:   Arcangelo Corelli
Dancers: Julia Garlisi & Anh Nguyen


Choreography:   Lawrence Gradus (2011)
Music:   Claude Debussy
Dancers:   Eddie Kastrau/Nicholas Melymuk

Pavane (from A Simple Melody)

Choreography:   Peter Randazzo (1977)
Music:   Maurice Ravel
Dancers:   Anh Nguyen & Georgia Simms/Miranda Forbes & Austin Fagan

The High Heart

Choreography:  Patricia Beatty (2011)
Music:  Arvo Part
Dancers:  Danielle Baskerville/Nicole Rose Bond/Emma Kerson

Pond Life II

Choreography:   Terrill Maguire (2011)
Music:   Ann Southam
Dancers:   Terrill Maguire/Alexandra Van Daele


Choreography:   Danny Grossman (2011)
Music:   Ross Edwards, Darren Copeland
Dancers:   Eddie Kastrau & Meredith Thompson/Austin Fagan & Lillian Peever


Choreography:   David Earle (1981)
Music:   Gregorio Allegri
Dancers:   Danielle Baskeville, Michael Sean Marye, Anh Nguyen, Suzette Sherman, Georgia Simms/Irvin Chow, Julie d’Entremont, Miranda Forbes, Ana Groppler, Andrew Hartley, Kerri-Ann Paradis Hutton, Nicholas Melymuk, Megan Nadain, Terra Snape, Sam Xu