What the Reviewers Say

“What is astonishing is how gorgeous these dances look on the well-trained dancers of today.”

 – Paula Citron
Website Sept. 2015

“A tremendous generational Legacy event . . . .  a Rosetta Stone in the history of Canadian dance.”

-Ben Portis
The Dance Current Oct. 2013

“In experiencing THD 2013, one comes away with the sheer evocative power and timelessness of modern dance. I didn’t want the show to be over.”

– Paula Citron
The Globe & Mail, Oct. 2013

“[“Miserere” from Exit Nightfall] A work whose intertwining bodies spoke deeply to the sense of community that remains this choreographer’s [David Earle] legacy. . . . This is a dance that still speaks strongly today.”

– Deirdre Kelly
Critics at Large, Oct. 2011

“The company returns with a richly varied program of works by several of  Canada’s most iconic choreographers, all of whom work within an esthetic that values technique, and what most of us think of as real dancing.”

– Michael Crabb
The Star, Sept. 2013

“The remounts are all famous and gorgeous. . . . In short, well crafted dance that is beautifully performed will always have relevance because it glorifies the art.”

– Paula Citron
The Globe & Mail, Sept. 2011

“New works and revivals . . . that were variously sensuous, clearly structured, emotionally charged, and dare I even use such a decadent word, at times achingly beautiful? Really someone should have posted a warning!”

– Michael Crabb
Dance International Winter 2011